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R.H.S.-V4-2012 Silicone

The new R.H.S.-V4-2022 silicone is 100% pure platinum silicone : there is 0% oil (Thinner) which completely eliminates the oily or sticky effects on the skin; therefore, the doll can indefinitely sit or lie down, without the silicone deforming or leaving oily marks. She is very supple and particularly resistant to tears. The skin procures a “velvet” sensation, and also the clothes slip more easily on the body. With this new R.H.S.-V4-2022 formula, you are purchasing a highly resistant and long term doll.

-1000% stretching,
-100% pure medical platinum silicone,
-0% oil (thinner),




Heated Dolls

This generation of dolls is equipped with an integral heating system, that maintains the internal temperature resembling a human body of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit : a technology that brings a realism by unequal sensations. With this new R.H.S.-V4-2022 silicone, the diffusion of heat is made in a homogenous manner and perfectly stable in the usage, without modification or premature aging of the silicone. The entirety of the body is heated, up to the extremities (hands and feet) which are less heated, to simulate the lukewarmness of a real human body. Because of this, if the external power supply is disconnected, the temperature will gradually descend by about 1 degree per hour.

This external power supply is endowed with a calculator that regulates the temperature of the different zones of the body, each in an independent manner. Therefore, when the doll is placed underneath a bedsheet, with one leg uncovered, for example, the calculator manages the heat diffusion so that the part of the body that is covered does not exceed 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit as well as the leg uncovered not cool under 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

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