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Why are the prices considerably low?
We have succeeded in reducing production costs while at the same time increasing the quality of our products! Therefore, we have decided to give the difference to the buyer.
Is the heating system safe?
The heating elements conceived especially for Mechadoll do not rise above 39 degrees Celcius. It functions on very low voltage (17 volts). The system is endowed with several upstream and downstream surveillance, as well as a check of each element. There are other manufacturer secrets that we cannot reveal that make our system very reliable. The system can be permanenetly connected without the least risk.
How is the doll delivered?
The doll is delivered by a shipping carrier in a reinforced wooden crate. She is positioned on her back with duvets and girthed. The shipping carrier will contact you via telephone to schedule a delivery date.
What lubricant should you use?
We recommend water-based lubricants. The best we have tried so far is INTIMY by Mercurochrome.
How should you care for your doll?
You can wash her with shampoo, soap or shower gel in the shower or the bath. Mechadoll sells a care kit with various products that aide in the proper care of your doll.
How do you clean your doll after a sexual act?
With soap or an antiseptic gel along with a vaginal flush bulb. It is important to remember to put a towel underneath the buttocks when doing so to avoid a mess.
What are the options?
The options are the color of hair (blond, brown, red, black, etc.), the color of nails, or fake nails, and the color of eyes (green, blue, extra blue, brown, etc.). Piercings and permanenet tattooes will soon become available.
Can we have a doll without usable orifices such as for an expo or art?
Yes, of course. We make dolls for the cinema, clubs, stores, photography, and particular clients that would like to expose our products as artwork. Please note that these dolls are sold at a reduced price due to the fact that they do not have any working orifices.
Is she sturdy?
Even with her sturdiness, it is necessary to take certain precautions to prevent snags or dents. In case, there is a repair kit available to help resolve any issues.