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Interchangeable Face

The faces are from now on interchangeable, which encourages your preferences of the moment and those to come. Such a method allows you to regularly change the look of our doll, according to your fantasies. In the future, as new faces are released, you may be mesmerized by one; no problem : you can order the face of your choice and be able to place it on your doll within seconds.
The other advantage of an interchangeable face is that, if inadvertently the one in place develops a defect, or simply you would like the make-up retouched, it would suffice to unscrew the face without re-sending the entire doll back. Another advantage is the possibility of having more than one of the same face, but with different make-up/looks.

The assembly and dis-assembly of the face is made simple by a screw situated at the back of the head. The centering is automatic. The border is practically invisible given that it is situated behind the ears.




The Decrease in Weight

For two years, we have been working on a technique that allows us to decrease the weight while conserving the initial quality. We had to re-do the molds, pre-molds, and our manufacturing sites as well as a new structure compatible with this new technique. The long-term result of this hard work allows us to propose a more sturdy and lightweight doll weighing no more than 35-38 kilograms.

There are multiple advantages :
-easier to move
-easy to clean in a bathtub or shower
-less risk of deterioration
-easy to dress and undress
-more easy to manipulate


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